Residential Panoramic View Elevator

Vuelift Elevator

Enjoy sweeping 360-degree views from your Vuelift, which can be crafted from either clear acrylic or low-iron silica glass for uncompromised clarity.

The effect is a spacious-feeling cap that provides a comfortable, airy ride with spectacular vistas. Metal components are finished with lustrous powder-coat in virtually any color you can imagine to either blend with your home’s decor, or provide dramatic contrast. Much more than a home elevator.

While other home elevators on the market may look similar, Vuelift is the only one to use a proven and reliable winding drum drive system.  The benefits of Vuelift over pneumatic vacuum drive technology are many and include: safety code compliance; smooth, consistent speed regardless of cab load or environmental factors; higher capacity (up to 950 lb); and, quiet operation (only 65 db) – vacuums are noisy… need we say more? And, best of all, you don’t have to settle for smoky-tinted polycarbonate panels: Vuelift’s tint-free acrylic panels don’t scratch during operation, and are UV resistant to prevent discoloration, remaining crystal clear for years to come.


Complete Package

Your Vuelift includes the elevator cab and hoistway in your choice of shape to suit your personal style, and configured for up to 6 stops with a maximum travel of 42.5 ft

Safety Features

​The Vuelift design complies with all safety codes for home elevators. It comes standard with many important features for your safety, including

  • Emergency battery back-up for cab lowering & lighting

  • Manual lowering

  • Emergency alarm & stop switch

  • Electrical circuit over-speed

  • Safety brakes

  • Elevator door interlocks

  • In-use indicator lights on hall call stations

Key Features

  • Automatic Operation

  • Illuminated push-button call stations

  • Bifold glass cab gate

  • Integrated touch-pad phone

  • Automatic on/off LED cab lights & ventilation fan

  • Textured semigloss black powder-coat frame

  • Balcony Attachment or through-floor setup

Additional Options

  • Panoramic cab ceiling

  • White, silver or custom powder-coat frame color

  • Straight through or 90 degree configurations

  • Pitless with short ground floor ramp (acrylic only)

  • Up to 6 stops


Coquitlam, BC

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