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Standard Machine Room Less Elevator

Eclipse Elevator

The Eclipse residential elevator is a smooth riding elevator that doesn’t require a separate machine room so it takes less space in the home and usually takes less time to install than hydraulic elevators.


Construction requirements for the Eclipse are simpler than some other home elevators, making it easier to install into an existing home.


Machine Roomless

Less space required for the installation. Usually less installation time required.

Compact Chain-Drive System

Requires only 8' ceilings. No ceiling shaftway construction is required.

Hide-Away Gate

Innovative gate system tucks away for maximum entryway and interior space.

Easy-Access Service Panel

Service panel can be located inside or outside the hoistway making it accessible for maintenance.


36 months parts.

Other Standard Features

  • Fully automatic operation

  • Modular rail construction for easy construction

  • Automatic cab on/off interior lighting 

  • Digital display in car operating panel

  • White ceiling with 4 halogen pot lights

  • Melamine interior in choice of colors.

Standard Finishes

Flat melamine or unfinished MDF (see color chart), stainless steel, clear or bronze anodized aluminum cab operating panel and hall call stations, plywood floor, white ceiling.

Safety Features

Battery operated (UPS) emergency lowering and lighting, hand-crank manual lowering, motorized braking, lockable control panel, elevator door interlocks, emergency stop switch, in-use indicator lights on hall station, slack chain brake system.


Coquitlam, BC

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