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All Models (Cambrian / Heritage / Elmira)

Glass Cab Elevators

A glass cab elevator is a bold and visual statement in your residence.  Glass cabs and  hoist-ways can be designed for all 3 models (Cambrian / Heritage / Elmira).  


Special Features

  • Automatic sliding doors on cab and each landing

  • Infrared safety light curtain for added safety

  • DPI in the elevator and at each landing

  • Custom fixtures to co-ordinate with interior decoration

  • Finish limited only to your imagination

One-Touch Operation

​The Cambrian is the perfect combination of form and function. The endless finish options and automatic sliding door system makes entering and exiting a Cambrian effortless. Interior choices are as mild or wild as your imagination, which can include touch screen controls, televisions, and music.

Service Needs

We have been installing and maintaining elevators for years. Experience has shown us which models are the most reliable and require minimal service.

It's About Luxury

The versatile Cambrian is designed to reflect your discerning taste and lifestyle. Allow the essence of your home to continue through your elevator without sacrificing functionality. Customize your Cambrian with mirror, glass, stainless steel and hardwoods. Discover for yourself how Western Elevator can work with you and your designer to integrate an elevator into your home with ease. Experience the ultimate in custom residential elevators specifically made to your tastes.


Vancouver, BC

This incredible Elmira glass cab and hoist-way brings functionality and beauty to this stunning  residence in Vancouver. 



West Vancouver, BC

This incredible Heritage glass cab and hoist-way is ads a beautiful luxurious element to this high end home in West Vancouver, BC 



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