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Luxury Residential Elevators


The Luxury Residential Elevator’s unique door system features an automatic sliding cab door that travels with the elevator. A swing door at each landing hides the elevator shaft, creating privacy and elegance in your home.


Special Features

  • Automatic sliding cab doors

  • Larger and taller cabs available

  • Increased weight capacity carries up to 1,500 lbs

  • DPI in the elevator and in each call station

  • Infrared safety light curtains detects obstructed doorways

  • Soft recessed cab lighting

Automatic Sliding Doors

The Heritage contains an automatic sliding cab door that travels with the elevator. A swing door at each landing conceals the elevator shaft. When the elevator arrives at each floor the sliding cab door opens, unlocking the landing door. Only when both the landing door and sliding cab door have closed will the elevator move again.

It's About Convenience

The Heritage model is the best of both worlds; convenience of an automatic cab door coupled with a swing door on the landing, retaining a traditional look. The elevator can be hidden behind regular or custom doors to match the decor throughout the home.

Preserve your privacy by disguising your Heritage into the natural structure of your home. Guests will never even know it’s there.

Service Needs

We have been installing and maintaining elevators for years. Experience has shown us which models are the most reliable and require minimal service.


North Vancouver, BC

3-Stop Cambridge Heritage cleanly integrated into this beautiful residence in North Vancouver, British Columbia.


North Vancouver, BC

This 2-Stop Cambridge Heritage gives easy access from the garage level at the front of this stunning residence to the lower level where the house is situated.  



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