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Straight Stairlift

Stannah 600 Straight (Indoor)

The right stairlift for your home? It doesn’t just depend on whether your staircase is straight or curved, narrow or wide. It depends on the style of your home. It depends on your needs, on who you are. That’s why Stannah offers a range of stairlifts, in a range of colors, fabrics and finishes.

We’ll show you everything we have to offer and help you choose the right model for your staircase and home.


Added Comfort

We add a slight backwards pitch to the chair. It gives you extra comfort and adds to your safety.

Extra Safety

The hand control will not move the stairlift unless there is at least 40lbs of pressure on the seat. In other words, it won’t budge an inch unless you’re properly seated. (You can still move the unloaded stairlift using the remote control.)

Easy In, Easy Out

The footrest raises and lowers at the push of a button, making it easier for you to get in and out of the stairlift chair.

Plenty Of Options

From fabrics to colors. What would look best in your home?

Rated Load

Maximum: one person up to 350lbs (159kg). By code the stairlift is structurally strong enough to hold 5x that load, but should not be used to carry more than 350lbs.


West Vancouver, BC

Modern, clean and minimalistic thru-cab design installed in a beautiful home in West Vancouver, BC.  This tidy 2-stop elevator gives walk-through access to the upstairs bedroom.  



600 Straight (Siena Chair)

(Stannah Stairlifts)